Why Whole Milk Is The Only Milk You Should Consume

Since everything with no fat should be better for us, why would milk be any different. So taken by this and idea, and more than happy to get a ride on the fat is unhealthy train, milk producers started promoting low-fat milk like the (scientific) solution to all of your weight problems (and all of theirs earnings problem).

Low-fat (1%, 2%) and skim, like whole milk still comes from cows, but there is a difference in the steps that milk needs to go thru to get from farm to the consumer. Although there is an argument that people should go for raw milk, the science is clear that when you decide to skip homogenization and pasteurization, you are risking to get lumpy and disease-causing product.

whole milk

The main difference comes in the separation process, where the producers take the cream from the milk and then, depending on the level of fat they want to achieve, they put some of it back in. So for skim milk, they literally skim all the cream from the milk. For 1% and 2%, after taking out the cream, they start adding some of it back until the achieve one or two percent fat.

So how they make whole milk? It’s the same, the “whole” label only means that the milk has a little over 3% fat (actually 3.2% to be exact).

Main difference between skim and whole milk? The first one is white colored water, the second one is milk with all of its nutritious glory.

Not only that the full fat or whole milk doesn’t cause heart attack, but according to a swedish study men who drank whole milk and ate butter had 50% smaller chances to get obese. One of the explanations is that because whole milk has more calories and fat, it makes you more satiated, which in turn stops you from loading on carbs and sugars.

whole milk

In its full fat form (again, full fat is also 3%) milk has bunch of vitamins like A,D,E and K, that are fat soluble (this means that the body absorbs them together with the fats). This way the fat and the vitamins create a nutritious package. In the low-fat versions, the producers have to throw in some supplements to compensate for the missing vitamins that were taken out together with the cream.

So stop pretending you like the taste of low-fat or skim milk, and get the good stuff.

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