Top 15 Outrageous Historical Remedies That Have Caused Death

Being sick is horrible. When you’re sick you always try to find alternative ways to make yourself feel better. Whenever I think about all of the cough syrup my parents use to force me swallow down and how it made me feel better.
Throughout history, medicine wasn’t scrutinized as it is today. Sneaky salesmen took advantage of the uninformed folks and lied to people about discovering alternative remedies. Homemade treatments have proven themselves to really cure people. But, there were some outrageous historical remedies that caused a lot of pain and even some of them caused death.

Luckily, some people got away with only hurt back pockets instead of broken backs and bones. Fortunately for us, the authorities today keep these problems at bay and monitor everything that’s placed on the medicine market.
Here are some outrageous historical remedies people used to use back in the day

1.    Boschee’s German Syrup

Colonel George Gil Green, put this highly addictive combination of mixture of laudanum and alcohol after the Civil War. This was presented and used by the public for curing sore lungs and throats.

2.    Using blood of a beef

The Bovinine Company in Chicago was the main manufacturer of this ingredient, it’s an alcohol-based mixture of beef blood,salt and glycerine used for rejuvenating those brave individuals.

3.    Revalenta Arabica

This was a mixture of lentil mush that was said to have restorative powers. Although, lentils are not particularly bad for people, the thing is that this product was just a simple overpriced lentil soup, nothing more.

4.    Sequah Oil

William Henry Hartley was one of the most famous deceiving quacks in America. He was originally from England. He wanted to be buddies with the Native American doctors or back then medicine men. He performed a medicine show with pulling teeth in front of people so that he would sell his ‘remedies’.
In fact, he was selling hazardous mixtures consisted of turpentine and cheap fish.

5.    Strychnine

Substance consisted of very dangerous toxins was used as a manner to help you boost some life into your system even you’re feeling ‘under the weather’.

6.    Radioactive Water

Even Byers was one of the most famous socialites back then. He firmly believed that radium-based water helped him with an arm injury. Only after he discovered several cancers in his system, the FDA took control over what goes and comes on the medicine market.
Byers spent years and years drinking the water that made his bones more fragile, having to make The Wall Street Journal to write a very memorable title in the newspapers upon his death: “The metal Water Worked Fine till His Jaw Came Off”

7.    Alcoholic Hair Tonics

These bottles full of a huge amount of alcohol, silver nitrate, arsenic, lead and borax were used to avoid grey hairs, prevent hair loss and get rid of dandruff.
Bottles filled with lead, arsenic, borax, silver nitrate, and a hefty amount of alcohol secure to stave off going grey, dandruff, and hair loss, but was more popular as a whiskey alternative during the Prohibition area.

8.    Mercury Face Cream

Presented as a toner and advertised as a cure for acne, this was one of the most dangerous products back in the day. Using mercury on the skin can even cause death in some instances.

9.    Tomato Pills

They were previously called “the poison apple,” this kind of supplement helped cure the public’s fear about ingesting tomatoes, which several of them believed caused the rich and luxurious diners who might actually afford them to become sick after eating them.
Although this outrageous remedy contributed to making ketchup, these pills didn’t absolutely nothing.

10.    Pink Pills For Pale People

These pills were consisted of iron oxide and magnesium sulfate. They weren’t really dangerous, but they didn’t have any effect on anemia, as it was told by George Fulford. He was the one who sold the tables all across the world. He also told that it would cure other diseases such as cholera and paralysis. It’s obvious today that they had a ‘placebo’ effect.

11.    Tobacco Smoke Enema

This is almost as strange as it sounds  with claims that riveting the plant’s smoke through a person’s rectum would help relieve the pain of everything from a typical cold to broken bones.

12.    Phrenology

Only after adding a big invention a patient’s head, they would use the device to search your brain, locating the areas of your health issues in need of a cure.

13.    Hamlin’s Wizard Oil

Invented by a former magician, a specialist in distracting and conning people, this alleged cure-all was in fact a combination of chloroform and ammonia.

14.    Snake Oil

Clark Stanley created claimed that, after learning ancient Chinese remedies for inflammatory disease and alternative aches, he had created his own oil extracted from rattlesnakes that he would sell after a massive show of slicing a snake in half and boiling it in front of an audience.
Despite the claims, the actual oil didn’t contain any rattlesnake oil and was largely consisted of mineral oil and turpentine.

15.    Ozone Paper

Because of the fact that, at that time doctor didn’t really knew  what caused asthma, they encouraged people to inhale smoke from special kind of cigarettes or burn ozone paper as a remedy. Back then they believed that asthma is actually the accumulation of the phlegm in the lungs that caused asthma . That’s why this is one of the most outrageous historical remedies.

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