How to stop spending so much water, in 6 easy life hacks

Water conservation is big enough of a problem that this year Colgate decided to run an ad on Super Bowl Sunday in which it promotes a way to preserve water. Their method was turning the water off while you brush your teeth. We got 7 more easy ways how you can help.

Water conservation

1. Using one glass a day

If you don’t want the glass, you can also get water bottle that you can refill. This lowers the number of dishes, or the number of bought water bottles you don’t need.

2. Water doesn’t has to run all the time when you are washing dishes

First, if you own dishwasher – USE IT, its more efficient than washing dishes by hand. Note: don’t use it to wash only one dish, its plain stupid. Anyway if you are doing it by hand, fill one sink with soap and hot water, and the second one with rinse water. You use this till you need to change it for new clean water.

3. Doing laundry

It’s simple and your washing machine already has settings for this. If you have small load, put it on setting that uses less water. For colored clothes its better to use cold setting. And if you are buying new washing machine, look for models with Energy star.

4. Change your shower head

The basic shower head wastes huge quantities of water. If you want to do something about this, you can choose between Nebia shower head complimented for its savings (according to this, you could save over 183.000 glasses of drinking water in an average apartment in NYC), or look for “Water Sense” label, given to shower heads made for maximizing water conservation.

If this is over your budget, then help your budget, and take shorter showers, and by shorter it means under five minutes.

Water conservation

5. Leave your mowed grass on the lawn

Leftover mowed grass not only feeds the new grass, but it also saves water by cooling the ground and holding the moisture in. Another way to preserve water (and money) is by watering the lawn either early in the morning, or at night-time, so the sun doesn’t evaporate the water. If you want to go to extremes, replace your grass with garden rocks.

6. Check your water bill

By doing this, not only that you save water you also save your money. Reading your bill is best way to spot a leak in your house or apartment. Even if you can’t see it, sharply increased water bill means that you probably have a leakage. Another sign? Wet spots on ceilings and walls.

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