Stop hay fever with these natural remedies

If you have hay fever, you know that you can run, but you can’t hide from seasonal pollen. More than 60 million Americans begin their year-round symptoms of coughing, sneezing, snorting, and itching, with the first deep breath of spring.

hay fever

What is pollen?

An allergy is a heightened sensitivity to a foreign substance (allergen) that causes the immune system to overreact when defending itself. If you’ve been told you have a pollen allergy, then you’ve had an allergic reaction to the fine powder that comes from the stamen of flowering plants,including oak, birch, hickory, pecan, and even some grasses. Pollen allergies can trigger allergic reactions, which affect the sinus and respiratory system. Symptoms can include watery eyes, runny nose, rhinitis, sore throat, coughing, increased mucous, headaches and asthma.

If you don’t want to take drugs all spring and summer season to beat those sneezes and sniffs, try these natural remedies that boost your immune system and help you fight hay fever:


Honey is well-known to cure hay fever because the bee pollen in honey can make your body less sensitive to other pollens. Maximizing your honey intake daily before pollen season starts will reduce hay fever symptoms significantly. Use organic natural honey for best results.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a known natural antihistamine which can be consumed in form of oranges, grapefruits and lemon, but you can take it as a supplement as well. The bioflavonoids have powerful anti-allergy effects and help reduce hay fever symptoms effectively. You daily intake should be 1000 mg a day, before and during pollen season.

Hot peppers

Red chilli peppers contain capsaicin, which opens nasal passages and helps reduce congestion brought on by hay fever, reducing symptoms immediately. Consume it daily, with salads and meals.

hay fever

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is an antioxidant and antihistamine, that contains flavonoids and acts very effectively as an anti-inflammatory drink. Consume at least one cup a day during hay fever season, but use the chamomile tea to make cold eye compress as well. The compress provides a cooling effect to swollen, red eyes caused by hay fever and reduces irritability effectively.


Garlic is a super powerful vegetable that boosts the immune system and has anti-inflammatory benefits. It contains a natural antihistamine called quercetin, which can help to reduce minor allergy symptoms. You should start consuming garlic with your meals at least two months before pollen season.


In the mornings, during hay fever season, spread a thin layer of Vaseline inside the lower nostrils. It will help you combat hay fever and reduce symptoms immediately. The Vaseline traps pollen entering the nostrils, completely blocking it from entering the nasal passages and preventing hay fever symptoms from aggravating.


Onion has ten times more quercetin than broccoli, so you should consume it daily during pollen season. It’s a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory proven to reduce symptoms in hay fever sufferers.

Watch this video to make home-made remedy with honey, lemon, chamomile tea, hot chilly peppers and apple cider vinegar.


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