Should You Have Ice Cream for Breakfast – Yes or No?

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Research has showed that having ice cream for breakfast makes you more attentive and alert. Maybe, kids were right after all. The test subjects were given ice cream immediately after waking up. After that, they were given tasks on a computer. Those subjects who have eaten ice cream showed better results. The scientists repeated this experiment to prove if ice cream really makes people more alert because it’s very cold. The scientists also repeated the experiment with icy water. The subjects with cold water also showed good results. Their mental performance was improved. Al tough, the ice cream subjects were better.

To have or not to have ice cream for breakfast?

It’s a proven fact that people who have breakfast early in the morning are more alert than the ones who don’t eat anything. Experts say that foods with high glucose level improve the mental capacity significantly. That’s why it’s better to eat something in the morning rather than just not eat anything.  A study was made comparing low glucose, high glucose foods and not eating anything first thing in the day to see if any of them have specific effects on the mental performance.
It’s a proven fact that ice cream makes people happy. Scientists created an experiment to scan people’s brain after eating ice cream. Results showed that people after eating ice cream felt as happy as winning the lottery or listening to their favorite songs. Happiness improves the brain’s function.

Is sugar bad for you?

All in all, sugar is bad for your health in many ways. It increases the risk of depression, reduces the brain’s function and increases the chance for Alzheimer’s. So, try to avoid eating sugar filled food in the morning.
Even tough, having ice cream for breakfast has its perks, don’t do it. Ice cream does make you more aware but it’s still filled with tons of sugar. It may help your brain performance for the day but it can’t help you in the long run. You can have a spoonful of ice cream before that really big meeting or an interview. That probably wouldn’t hurt as much.

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