Raspberries kill cancer cells and stop tumor growth

Raspberries are widely used to strengthen the heart, to treat lichens, inflammation of the eyes, against diarrhea, flu, cold, fever, rash, fever and cure cancer of the oral cavity.

fresh raspberries

Raspberry is a fruit bush that grows in the forests and gives delicious fruit full of calcium, sodium, vitamin C, minerals, alkaloids, tannins and flavonoids. The raspberry leaf is also rich of vitamin C, carotene, bitter substances, organic acids, essential oils and flavonoids.

Prevention of cancer
Raspberries are rich in ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant that can actually beat cancer in several ways at once, disable certain ingredients that cause cancer and slow the growth of cancer cells. It gathers the toxic metals in your organism and fastens their expulsion from the body. The acid slows the quick multiplication of malignant cells, and in certain doses it completely stops cell division. This acid causes programmed death of cancer cells by blocking DNA damage and strengthens connective tissue, which keeps cancer cells from spreading.

Raspberries are best consumed fresh or as raspberry juice. It is advisable to prepare a raspberry juice that can be conserved and used in the winter, when the raspberries are out of season.

raspberry juice

Preparation of healing raspberry juice
– Mix 3 kg raspberries with 2 liters of water and 40 g of tartaric acid.
– Leave it in the sun for 24 hours and then squeezed it through gauze.
– Add sugar and boil it on low heat for half an hour.
– Pour the prepared raspberry juice into bottles and use it throughout the year.

This juice, except being used as prevention of cancer, can be used against high temperature, fever and anemia.

raspberry tea

Raspberry tea against fever (better remedy than the Aspirin)
– Pour three cups of boiling water over five tablespoons of dried cranberries
– Leave it covered for 5 to 10 minutes.
– Consume the tea while is hot, then lie in bed well covered with a blanket. You will start sweating and in no time your temperature will be back to normal.

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