One Exercise You Have to Do If You Sit at A Desk All Day

We don’t mean to alarm you but health research is starting to get almost unanimous about sitting at a desk for whole day, and that “sitting is more dangerous than smoking.”

According to sport medicine specialists, sitting all day can cause all kinds of pain: low back pain, knee and neck pain, even excess fat around your waist, and also poor flexibility in the hips and legs. And all this could happen to you by the age of 30.

yoga squat

Fortunately, all the negative effects of sitting could be fixed by a super simple workout. The “magic” is called yoga squat and you have to do it only a few minutes after every hour you spend sitting at desk. You will find the whole exercise summarized in the picture below, or you can read our directions.

The exercise has far better result if its combined with short walks after every hour of sitting.

yoga squat

How to do pro yoga squat:

1. Stand straight. Your feet should be shoulder width apart.

2. Bend your knees and start dropping your ass as if you were going to sit. While you go as low as you can, you need to keep your heels on the floor at all times. Don’t move your foot at all. If your heels start to come up, that means that you are to low and you need to pick up (at least in the beginning).

3. When you are comfortable with your lowest position (and heels on floor), join your hands in front of you in a prayer pose. The back part of your upper arms should be pressed against the inner side of your knees. This loosens up the hips.

4. While you are in this position, you need to keep your back as straight as possible (don’t lean over) and keep the gaze straight in front of you.

Do this few times a day, and you will start feeling more flexible, and feel less creaky from sitting whole day in one position.

Also here is a video explaining the exercise:

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