Natural remedy for bladder inflammation

In almost 80 percent of people suffering from bladder inflammation, the cause is coli germs that are found in the colon, which helps the body break down and digest the food. The coli germs in the colon are useful, but when they get into the bladder channels and bladder, they can cause severe inflammation. This means that these germs in the colon are useful and necessary, but in the bladder they are damaging and dangerous. Under normal circumstances the bladder is resistant to infection from the outside.
bladder inflammation
Inflammation of the bladder is more common in women than in men, because the urethra, through which the bacteria pass, is much shorter in woman.
When disease occurs, the greatest difficulty is urinating. The patient has a constant need to urinate, but it only urinates few painful drops. This need arises every ten minutes, day and night. The patient hardly begins to urinate, need long runs and is accompanied by pain. There is a burning feeling in the urethra, and sometimes there is a little bit of blood in the urine. The disease is not accompanied by elevated body temperature. If it occurs, it is a sign that the infection has spread from the upper ureters to the kidneys.

Try this effective natural remedy against bladder inflammation that will treat painful or difficult urination immediately. 

Bladder Inflammation

-60 g horsetail stems
-60 g rose hip
-50 g yarrow leaves and flowers
-20 g of oak leaves
-10 g Breckland thyme (Thymus serpyllum)

Preparation and use:
– Chop and mix all the herbs.
– Put 10 g of the herb mixture in 1 litre of boiling water and cook covered for 1 1/2 minutes.
– Let it cool down, strain into a bottle, close it tightly and keep in a cool place. Drink 1/2 ounces of tea every half an hour.

In addition to this treatment, eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can. Eat freshly prepared food, because it is forbidden to take: canned products, very salty food, animal fats, alcohol and cold drinks.

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