Monitor Your Kid’s Health. Use This Children’s Health Guide

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Monitoring your kids’ health from an early age is crucial for their further development. Make sure the eat plenty of the nutritious foods and get plenty of exercise to keep them well and happy. Here is the ultimate children’s health guide:

1. Probiotics

These guys are actually the good bacteria inside our system that help digestion and break down foods the right way. By breaking down foods properly, the body can soak up all the nutrients from the food. They fight bad bacteria that can often time cause diarrhea.

2. Dark Leafy Greens

Make sure your kid eats plenty of dark leafy greens. They are full packed with lots of minerals and vitamins which are essential for your kids’ growth. In this type of ‘superfood’ are: kale, chards, collards, spinach and so on. They reduce blood clotting, improve vision and nourish bones.

3. Switch Milk

Try switching your kid’s milk from regular whole milk with the 2% milk. They might not like the flavor of the 2%, but it is way healthier than the regular one. The 2% milk contains less fat and it’s more natural.

4. Bananas

This super fruit is filled with fiber, potassium and plenty of B6. Not only are they delicious, but they are portable and very healthy. You can put bananas in your kids’ lunch box and they can have them even at school or at the park.

5. Avoid Red Meat

Try to exclude red meat from your kids’ daily nutrition. Red meat is full with saturated fat than harm the child’s health. Give them red meat, but not too often.

6. Add more Veggies and Fruits

Today there are all sorts of delicious and nutritious veggies and fruits on the market. Give your kids Mother Nature’s precious gifts more often. They have as much as they want!

Follow our ultimate children’s health guide and leave your child to bloom into a wonderful and healthy adult. Make sure to give them lots and lots of love too!

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