Junk Food Addiction Can Damage Your Brain – Here is Why

Not only do you hurt your waist line and your overall health every time you eat a Big Mac, pizza or donuts, you hurt your brain too. Junk food addiction is a huge problem in the world today.
A newfound study shows that the more and more junk food in your system, the worse it gets for your brain’s function. It can interfere with your brain’s memory and hooks you up on eating more and more junk food.

The research was done with the world’s biggest junk food junkies – rats. Scientists wanted to explore the rats’ part of the brain where memories are located. That part is called hippocampus. They found out that rats that were with a mutilated hippocampus wanted more and more junk food. This lead to the belief that people that consume a lot of junk food ‘stuff’ their bodies with unhealthy and addictive food without noticing. In other words, junk food addiction is something everybody can relate to.

In conclusion, bad eating habits can directly affect the brain’s function. The more weight you gain, the more is affecting your brain in a bad way. Avoid eating junk food, not only for your brain but also for all of your organs. Junk food is filled with unhealthy sugars, fats and carbs that can do permanent damage to your body and mind. Try to keep a good diet filled with natural and organic foods. Avoid eating junk food so that you can avoid junk food addiction.

Source: realclearlife

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