How this famous comedian lost over 100 pounds?

Gabriel Iglesias, the 39-year-old comedian with great stand-up specials, and few movies under his belt including Magic Mike XXL and The Fluffy Movie, successfully made a weight lost double-double: he lost 118 pounds in two years and stayed healthy.

gabriel iglesias

First thing he wants you to know is that the decision had nothing to do with the way he look, but “trying to improve my [health] so I can be around. I got no problems with how I look.”

Two years ago, he goes to a doctor after “waking up every morning with a 300-plus sugar level.” The doctor tells him that he has 2 years to live. At the time Gabriel weighs 437 pounds (around 200 kilograms).

With support of his girlfriend, he partners up with a fellow stand-up comedian, Martin, who helped him maintain healthy lifestyle. Since Martin was also his travel partner they supported each other everywhere they went. This meant: going to gym wherever you are, and keeping the diet.

Gabriel admits that he cried when he finally started the exercise regimen.

“There was a point when I cried. I was sad. But I told myself, If I don’t do this, then I’m gonna be gone. Everything was hurting. And it was frustrating,” says Gabriel in his talk with BuzzFeed.

His weight, combined with his knee issues, meant that Gabriel’s body could not handle doing everyday cardio. So he started DDP Yoga, developed by former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, that was great for him because it’s very low-impact and there’s not a lot of hitting on the joints. When he started this, Gabriel was pushing 450 pounds.

You probably remember this viral video about a guy that tried DDP Yoga

Meanwhile he started taking care of his diet, not mixing carbs and protein, and cut down his drinking from four times a week, to once or twice a month.

His biggest advice for anyone trying to lose weight? Don’t trust the TV and the “Lose weight in 90 days” offers, and it all about baby steps: “Don’t expect to do it in a day. It’s all baby steps. One. Day. At. A. Time.”

Before and after:

Gabriel Iglesias

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