Guilt-free Ice Cream

Fast, tasty and healthy. That’s one more than the number of ingredients in this ice cream.

strawberry banana ice cream

Just like our guilt-free pancakes recipe this is also a sugar-free recipe, but it doesn’t include any milk, eggs or animal products also. So, vegans and lactose intolerant readers, you are welcome.


– 2 bananas
– 5 strawberries

That’s it. Make it once, taste it. If somethings off, adapt the measurements to your liking. There are no strict rules about that.


It’s stupid to say, but all of these recipes begin with – peel the banana (as if somebody ever thought – yeah, I’m just gonna eat it like that), and cut it to pieces.

Clean the strawberries, and cut them in half.

Put all of this on some baking paper on a plate, and then freeze. (Preferably overnight).

When everything is frozen, put it in blender and blend until it’s super smooth.

Now it’s up to you, serve immediately or put it in a pot, cover and freeze.

That’s it!

See, no sugar, no milk, no added taste and you still get tasty ice cream.

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