Fast Mashed Potato Recipe. Try These Delicious 10 Minute Potato Balls

This is probably the best leftover recipe you can make with sweet potatoes. Throwing away food is not something you need to do any more. Transform those leftovers into a fine and healthy snack.
You can use this meal as a snack or an appetizer. Recycling food is the new trend!

Sweet potatoes is the new superfood, here is why:
•    Protects colon and prostate cancer
•    Lowers blood pressure
•    Rich with fiber
•    Contains high levels of vitamin C
•    Heals chronic inflammation
•    Healthy for the eyes

To make this easy sweet potato recipe you will need to blend the pre-baked sweet potatoes with coconut flour and some bacon. Dip them in egg wash and almond flour mix with seasoning. Fry them in coconut oil. You will end up with crispy on the outside because of the bacon and tasty creaminess on the inside.  It serves for 12 people and takes only 10 minutes to make. Great recipe for parties!

You will only need a few basic ingredients for this easy sweet potato recipe:
•    two slices of cooked bacon
•    two baked sweet potatoes
•    two eggs
•    two tablespoons water
•    two cups of coconut oil
•    a cup almond flour or cassava flour
•    two tablespoons coconut flour
•    a teaspoon Italian seasoning
•    half a teaspoon cayenne pepper
•    Salt & pepper

sweet potato

Here is what you need to do for this easy sweet potato recipe:
1.    Put the baked sweet potatoes to a blender with cooked bacon and the coconut flour. Mix until you get a smooth texture.
2.    Take the sweet potato mixture into twelve small balls
3.    Bring the skillet to medium heat and add the coconut oil
4.    Set them on a plate and set them aside
5.    Take a small bowl and whisk water and eggs
6.    In another bowl, combine the seasonings and almond flour and set them aside.
7.    Dip the balls into the egg wash with the almond flour and put them on the skillet
8.    Cook them around 2-3 minutes until they reach a golden brown color
9.    Feast!

Source: HealthyHolisticLiving

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