Experts Recommend Oatmeal as a Natural Skin Scrub – Here is Why

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If you didn’t know, oatmeal is one of the sexiest superfoods in the world. It’s jammed pack with fibers that absorb the cholesterol in your body and flushes it out. Also, in addition to this, the little flakes in the oatmeal work wonders for your skin. It reacts as a natural skin scrub and takes away redness, dead cells and dead cells and leaves your skin feeling and looking marvelous.

Using oatmeal as a natural skin scrub is nothing new really. It has been used for skin treatments even in ancient times. Records of using oatmeal as a natural skin scrub has been around since 2000 BC. Large beauty companies use oatmeal as an ingredient for their soaps, moisturizers and body soaks.

Experts have been recommending oatmeal for years now. Here is why:
1.    Fights dryness of the skin because it contains polysaccharides. This ingredient enables the oatmeal to become gelatinous when you add it in water. Thus, creating a layer of protection on the skin.
2.    Oatmeal moisturizes the skin because of the lubricating fats.
3.    Builds a defense mechanism in the skin. Oatmeal makes the skin protect itself from outside factors.
4.    Cleanses the pores and removes the dirt and the oils from the skin.

Experts recommend using oatmeal as a natural skin scrub every week or so. You can make your own with simple ingredients you already have in the kitchen.

You will need:
•    Two tablespoons of oats
•    Two tablespoons warm water
•    Half a tablespoon of honey

Follow the instruction:
1.    Grind the oats in a clean coffee grinder on a fine setting
2.    Take the grinded oats and put them into a small bowl. Stir them into hot water with honey and leave them for five minutes.
3.    Rinse your face with warm water. Massage the mixture on your face while the skin is still damp. Massage In circular motion around your mouth and your eyes. Leave it on for about ten minutes.
4.    Take away the paste with a washcloth and tepid water. After that, add your favorite skin moisturizer.
5.    Enjoy the glow!

Source: sharecare

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