Exercise vs Diet, which one is better

The question is: What is a more important, less junk food or more treadmill?

exercise vs diet

Like in very rare occasions in your life, this time you have to choose between two things that are actually good for you, proper nutrition or physical activity; exercise vs diet.

First we have to understand that is not perfectly acceptable to eat as much as you want and whatever you want, as long as you burn off that extra calories.

The problem is that continuous bad nutrition will introduce large quantities of sugars and saturated fats, that can have seriously bad effect on the body. Additionally, you can expect long-term problems due to nutrients deficiencies caused by missing out on the nutrients from healthier foods that you are not consuming.

Clearly, having a proper nutrition is important.

Next logical question is: since I’m going to start with a healthy diet, its ok to skip the gym, right?

No, physical activity is connected to cardiovascular health, better sleep, and even better mental health. It will also boost your energy and will help you around your bedroom duties.

So it’s not important to exercise only to lose or maintain your weight, it’s also crucial for your health.

In their new video, AsapSCIENCE tries to end the exercise vs. diet argument.

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