Everything you need to know about the new sweetener that causes cancer

Few days ago scientist acknowledged that artificial sweeteners like Splenda could trigger cancer. There is additional warning that – there is no safe dose.

Splenda, the same ingredient that supposed to be healthier substitute for sugar, may lead to higher risk of leukemia. According to the Italian scientist from Ramazzini Institute, Splenda has sucralose, ingredient linked to higher risk of leukemia and other cancers.


Researchers asked for ‘urgent’ follow up studies to further assess the harmfulness of the ingredient.

Main criticism about the study is that researchers used at least four-time the daily recommended limit of Splenda for humans. Despite this scientists argue that there is no safe dose, because if a product is cancerous at high doses, the effects tends to be same even in smaller doses, “just the risk is smaller.”

The study included 457 male and 396 female mice. Researchers discovered that every time they increased the level of Splenda in their diet, the male mice showed higher rates of malignant cancer.

Researchers wrote that:

“These findings do not support earlier data that sucralose is biologically inert,” adding “considering that millions of people are likely exposed, follow-up studies are urgent.”

Main suspect in the study was the substance called sucralose. In 2000 the ingredient was approved for consumption in Europe, following a declaration by the EU’s Scientific Committee on Food that ‘it is not harmful to the immune system, does not cause cancer, infertility, pose a risk to pregnancy or affect blood sugar levels’.


The response from Heartland Food Products Group, makers of Splenda, was strong rebuttal of the study, arguing that the product was found to be safe by many studies, and question the Ramazzini Institute study. As an alternative to other sweeteners that were proven to cause health problems, in 1999 Splenda goes for sale on the worldwide market.

2 years old report from Discovery News about: Are Artificial Sweeteners REALLY Safe?

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