Early Heart Attack Pointers Women Need to Keep an Eye On

heart attackEarly signs before a heart attack in women can be detected sooner. There are specific symptoms that women experience in contrast to men. If you or anybody around you starts experience these symptoms, please visit your doctor.


An uncomfortable sense of lightness in your head. Everybody experiences some lightheadedness during the day with all the stress. But, everything out of the ordinary can be a bad sign.

Pain/Tight feeling in the chest

A big pointer that a heart attack is near by. A sensation of something tight in your chest area. That is because the muscles around your heart are tightening before a heart attack.

Stomach Pain

A sense of discomfort in your abdominal area can be an early pointer of a heart attack. This is the most common heart attack pointer in women.

Lack of Breath

Shortness of breath can come with sweating and nausea as a heart attack pointer in women. This can be relieved by getting up rather than laying down.
Pain in Neck, Back and Jaw
An unexpected pain the left side of the jaw, back and neck is something women need to keep an eye on. One of the specific heart attack pointer in women.

Source: einnews

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