Detox your body with watermelon

watermelonWe all enjoy watermelon refreshments during the summer, but we are not aware that this delicious vegetable purifies our body, improves kidney function, helps normalize the microflora and blood ph levels.

Watermelon is a sweet vegetable that belongs to the same family as the cucumbers, pumpkin and squash. It does not have many calories, but has a high glycemic index, so it is not advisable to eat it in large quantities. Anyhow, eating only watermelon for a day will detoxify your body from all the toxins and will improve kidney function.


For body detox
Body detox can be done in many ways, but the best way is to eat only watermelon once a week. Purification with watermelon allows release of excess salt of all parts of the body. It is the best powerfood which cleans the intestines and blood vessels from fatty deposits and helps normalize the microflora and pH balance in the blood.

Fast way to pass a kidney stone
Experts suggest that eating watermelon can pass a kidney stone in only two weeks. Besides intensive consuming of watermelon juice during this period, take two teaspoons of lemon juice and two teaspoons of olive oil three times a day on an empty stomach.

Cancer and asthma prevention
Watermelons are high in antioxidants, especially vitamin C, which means they can help fight the formation of free radicals who are known to cause cancer. The risk for developing asthma is lower in people who consume a high amount of these antioxidants.

Protect your skin
One cup of this super fruit supply 21% of daily needs for vitamin C, which is needed for building and maintenance of collagen.  It is rich with vitamin A also, that is necessary for sebum production that keeps hair moisturised.


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