The Chinese Showed Us The Medicine We Didn’t Know We Have

A new study conducted by University of Oxford shows that an apple a day can do much more than you think.

The result shows that consuming fresh fruit daily notably decreases the risk of stroke and heart attacks.


To show this the researchers followed around 500 thousand Chinese people for seven years. They choose China since eating fruit (fresh, processed or frozen) on daily basis is typical for the West, but it’s rare in China.

When the study started none of the participants had heart disease. When the study finished, the results fruit showed that participants who ate fresh fruit on daily basis had about 33% smaller chances of getting heart attack than the rest.

Second key finding of the study is that you don’t need large amounts to make difference, an orange or apple a day were enough. The love affair between heart and fruits is based on high fiber and low-calorie content of the fruits.


There were also other common things between people who made fruit part of their daily diet, they were more educated, had higher incomes, lower blood pressure, i lower rate of smoking.

Scientist calculated that eating fresh fruit on daily basis could prevent about 500.000 deaths a year, and much larger numbers of non-fatal heart attacks and strokes.

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