Bringing your phone to the bathroom is one of your most disgusting habits

It probably became your habit, but the harsh reality is very simple and very nasty, you are taking you phone in a bathroom, and in a bathroom pee and poo are everywhere, even if you can’t see them.

smartphone bathroom

You now that when you receive email signed “sent from mobile” there are almost 70% chances that the mail was sent from the toilet. The same goes for countless new high-scores on Angry Birds or Candy Crush.

According to two experts on germs from University of Arizona, Charles Gerba, PhD, professor of microbiology, and Kelly Reynolds, PhD, associate professor of environmental health:

“Bathrooms are covered in germs, pathogens, and enteric bacteria (from the intestinal tract), mostly from fecal matter”

Their calculations show that the handles (door and toilet), faucets and floors are the dirtiest surfaces. Additionally, they discovered some kind of fecal matter on one-quarter of the purses that were resting on the floors.

So, like in OCD hell even though you wash your hands, you could re-contaminate yourself by touching faucets or door knobs, which are probably germ-coated. The level of contamination directly depends on how often the bathroom is cleaned or sanitized. You could control this at home, but not so much in a public bathroom (which includes your office, bar, restaurants…).

According to the scientist, flushing the toilet splatters water with feces about six feet in every direction, “there is a coating of dirty toilet water on everything, particularly on the paper holder, because its next to the toilet, where you probably rest your phone.”

Besides that they are disgusting, these germs can transmit E. coli, shigella, salmonella, norovirus and other illnesses. This is the reason why we wash our hands.

smartphone bathroom

Let’s say that percentage of the user of public bathrooms “forget” to wash their hands. This puts you at a risk of touching contaminated door handle.

But here the main problem doesn’t lay in the other people, it’s exactly in your hands. So while you are washing your hands because of all the reasons above (flying and splattering germs and fecal matter) nobody is washing their phones, which is basically extension of your hands.

So everything you do next with your hands is going to get in contact with those germs that were left on your smartphone, only because you decided to take it to bathroom.

Statistic are that 9 out of 10 phone had disease-causing microbe on them, and around 16% were positive for fecal matter.

“The average person uses their cell phone for two hours a day, so it’s very easy to re-contaminate your hands and transmit the germs to yourself or someone else,” Gerba explains.

smartphone bathroom

You got two solutions on your hands: first, leave the smartphone for five minutes and just go to the bathroom, and secondly, if there is no power on Earth that can make you do this, then sanitize your phone as frequently as you can. Disinfecting wipes should do the trick for the case, but not for the whole phone. Best all-round solution is spraying diluted alcohol solution (equal parts distilled water and alcohol) on microfiber cloth, and wiping the entire phone.


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