Avoid this food if you have problems with acne and pimples!

Which food in your daily diet generally causes problems with acne and pimples?
Pimples and acne are caused by many factors, but if you cannot remove them in a short period of time, we advise you to carefully choose the food you consume, as a healthy diet can solve this problem.

We give you a full list of acne trigger foods which you must remove from your daily menu, if you want to have an acne free skin:

man eating sugar and sweet, problems with acne and pimples

We are not saying that you should never try a piece of cake or chocolate cube, but if sweets, candies, and soft drinks are an integral part of your daily diet – it’s time for a drastic change! Many researches have found evidence that diet high in sugars causes acne breakouts, so instead of drinking soft drinks, make yourself a fresh smoothie.

alcohol, problems with acne and pimples

Alcohol may worsen the appearance of your skin in a short term, especially when it comes to spirits. Reduce the intake of alcohol to a minimum, but consume a glass of good wine occasionally.

Dairy products
Many people suffer from some form of digestion problem from dairy products, which is proved to be connected with pimple development.

Processed meat
Processed ham, sausages and similar things that we eat in fast food restaurants are the worst problem for our skin. Instead, try a sandwich with tuna and vegetables.

problems with acne and pimples

White bread
White bread and pasta are converted into sugars in our body. Replace them with grains. You should avoid glycemic foods high in carbohydrates like crackers and chips also, because they cause a hormonal responce which produce excess oils and turn the clog pores into pimples.

problems with acne and pimples

Bad fats
Oil fried food ruin your skin texture, and experts say that the artificial butter (margarine) is one of the biggest enemies of the skin. Replace bad fats with healthy fats (like olive oil, avocados, coconut oil, butter) and you will notice rapid improvement in your complexion.

Colored foods, artificial sugars … It affects your overall appearance! Shift to a healthy diet for a while, eat more fruits, vegetables, red meat, cereals and you will quickly notice the difference on your skin.

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