Avoid Doing These Things After Eating

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There’s nothing better to chill and watch a movie after you have had a great meal. Without knowing, you are making a terrible thing to your body and health. Research has shown that you should avoid doing these things after eating:

Eat Fruit
The healthier way of consuming fruit is right before a meal. It’s best to eat fruits on an empty stomach because they need different kinds of enzymes to digest properly. The sugars found in fruit require more time to be fully absorbed. It’s best to have them on an empty stomach because you can get the needed benefits from the sugars and other fibers. If you eat fruit right after dinner, you can experience indigestion, intense burping or heartburn.

Drink Tea
Drinking tea after a meal is not a great idea because it can cause disruption in absorption of iron in your body. Tea is known to have tannic acid that can bind with protein and iron. This can cause iron deficiency leading to cold hands and feet, poor appetite, chest pain, weakness and fatigue.

Sleeping after eating can cause bloating and interfere with your sleeping because the stomach needs to work to absorb the food instead of resting. A study showed that people that wait a few hours before sleeping have less chance of having a stroke.

Avoid showering after eating because it will weaken your digestive system. Showering increases circulation in the hands and feet, leading to reducing the circulation in the stomach.

Lighting a cigarette after a delicious meal is probably the best thing for a smoker. Try waiting a few hours after eating because the nicotine in the cigarettes can bind with the oxygen that is crucial for the digestion process. It is a fact that smoking after eating is as the same as smoking eleven cigarettes at once.
Try and remember to avoid doing these things after eating to help your body function better.


Source: Healthy Life Planet

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