9 Small Changes that Helped People to Actually Lose Weight

You don’t have to take on all nine, choose couple of them and start you process. Then, add one or two more, and keep going.

First advice is to enforce the rule that your couch is a no-eating zone: A.) You shouldn’t eat on your couch anyway, and B.) Sitting in front of a plate on a table, makes you more present during the meal and aware of what you are eating. This way is much easier for you to listen to your body when it signals you that you are full and that you need to stop eating.

9 small changes that helped people to actually lose weight

Second one is a two-piece process: A.) Stop weighing yourself and B.) Don’t even look in a mirror. If you want long-term success you’ll need to understand that is not only about making the scale go down, its about you being healthy by learning and focusing on eating healthy and exercising.  After some time, you are going to notice that you can mark your progress based on how you felt and not how you look. This is the part why you need to cover your mirror.

Start replacing “boredom eating” with creative, productive or mindless tasks. This is for the part of the day when you are eating because you don’t have anything smarter to do. Try to find some time-waster, like painting your nails or open your coloring book, or anything that going to take you mind away from trip to the fridge.

Fourth – don’t fight your cravings, just satisfy them with something healthier. After you make peace with yourself that pizza or fast food is not something that is forbidden to you, but something that you choose when and how much you to eat, without feeling enchanted from some higher power, than you start seeing other healthier alternatives that are on your disposal.

9 small changes that helped people to actually lose weight

Fifth on the list is an old-timer – use the stairs (but not the escalator stairs). You don’t have to rush-it, start easy, but make sure that you are using the stairs every day, until you make a habit out of it.

Go directly to the gym. Chances of you going to a gym, drops dramatically with the first step in your apartment, where your couch/bed and Netflix simply are begging you to stay home. But if you hate gym then stop forcing yourself, and find some other way of exercising that you are going to enjoy. You can go swimming, biking, hiking, kayaking or whatever you actually enjoy.

One of the smallest changes, that are going to bring you huge results is to start drinking your coffee black. We are talking about basic coffee of any type (espresso, filter…) made only from coffee and water. This means no sugar, no milk, no cream, no sweeteners, make it as black as you can.

9 small changes that helped people to actually lose weight

Should we tell you to ditch your soda? Seriously? No soda or anything containing sugar or sweeteners or corn syrup. You have two choices – water and freshly squeezed juice. The same goes for alcohol (and we don’t mean for you to start drinking freshly squeezed alcohol, but to stop drinking alcohol at all).

9 small changes that helped people to actually lose weight

Prepare yourself for this – STOP WITH THE FAD DIETS! Yes, they will help you torture yourself in to losing weight, and then you are going to gain it back in the moment you go back to regular food. Instead, try eating smaller portion and mostly unprocessed food, and quit on sugar.

Listen to this guy amazing story that inspired him to change his life, and made him start loosing weight:

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