5 ways to fight obesity, based on the way it’s caused


Obesity caused by food
Obesity caused by poor choice of food is the most common type of obesity. It occurs when a person is dependent on consumption of food and sugar. This does not mean that it is necessary to stop eating; you simply need to stop eating junk food. Tip: Reduce consuming food that makes you fat. Slowly replace meals that made you gain weight, with a light and healthy meals. Exercise minimum 30 minutes a day, be more physically active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Obesity caused by so-called “nervous stomach” 
Do you eat more when you are nervous and anxious?

People under stress often chose to eat sweets and food with a lot of sugar, because consumption of sugar and sweets helps secretion of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

Tip: Control your anxiety and stress with physical activity that will reduce and get rid of the stress from your body in the fastest way possible.

Obesity caused by gluten
A large number of women are suffering from hormonal imbalance, created by, among other things, by PMS, adolescence, menopause and many other factors. Food that contains gluten make you feel swollen and moody. If you are experiencing this problem, we recommend that you quit cigarettes and alcohol, and include exercise in your lifestyle (it will compel your body to effectively burn excess calories).

Here are some examples of food that contains gluten and needs to be avoided: most processed foods, canned food, wheat, barley, rye, semolina, sweets and candies, seafood, lust food, beer, pasta, sauces for salads and meat, soy sauce, ice cream, ketchup, pizza, muffins and even cosmetics and lipsticks.


Metabolic obesity
This is characterised by fat on the abdomen and feeling bloated. Cigarette smokers and people who consume more alcohol in this state may even feel breathing problems. The best way to avoid this is to quit beer, alcohol and cigarettes and go to the gym. Cardiovascular exercises is recommended. If you make these small changes, but great strides for your health you will start to breathe normally and will quickly notice the benefits of a flat stomach.

Obesity caused by venous circulation
This is not a problem; this is an excuse!

This phenomenon typically occurs during pregnancy. People with swollen legs also suffer from this phenomenon, which easily can be solved. Exercise on a daily basis can make things better; it will improve blood flow and help you cut your weight.

Obesity caused by laziness or inactivity
Do you exercise? If your answer is no, but you have exercised before, you are facing the risk to get fat on parts of your body that before seemed OK. Accumulation of fat will not stop until you activate yourself physically. Consume healthy and fresh food as much possible and the results will quickly become visible. If you want to lose weight, have firm and shaped body, then despite a healthy diet we recommend to use supplements as L-Carnitine, great addition to your diet that will not only help you restore the form of your body but will help you lose excess weight and cellulite that has been long accumulated on your legs (referring to women).

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