5 Tips To Control Overeating

Being careful how much and what you eat during the holidays is extremely hard. But let’s be real, we like to eat much all the time. You’re feeling festive, you’re on a vacation and you want to let loose a little. Having that great big meal with your family is all you want to do in this time of year. Follow our simple steps for controlling overeating how much you eat and you will survive the holiday season with only a few pound plus.

Consume DigestZen essential oils

This is a combination of oils like ginger, fennel, anise, coriander, caraway, tarragon and peppermint. It has a great relaxing effect and will help improve your digestive system. It can be applied directly on the stomach area or consumed orally. Having DigestZen after a meal will bring you a sense of relief.

Digestive enzymes

These enzymes will help your stomach break down food faster and into small molecules. Most of us can lack enough hydrochloride and pancreatic enzymes. These particles help in the digestion process and sometimes we can’t fully digest the food in our system because the system lacks these particles. Eating digestive enzymes after eating, will resolve the food in your system faster. Great way for controlling overeating.


When we overeat, we feel very bloated and heavy in the stomach. Fiber is a great ingredient to help your system dissolve the food in your system. Fiber helps bowel transit and rushes the food out of the system. You can import fiber in your body through veggie filled diet. Vitamin C and magnesium help you whenever you’re constipated.


Overeating can harm the flora in your stomach. Anything more than enough can cause chaos in your system. If you overbinge on sugar, you overfeed Candida – which is natural yeast and it can bring your discomfort.  Taking a fair amount of probiotics will help you regulate the digestive system.

Add green to your nutrition plan

When you eat during the holidays, make sure to add a little bit more veggies to your plate. Controlling overeating was never easier. Best way to have plenty of veggies in no time is to blend them up in a delicious smoothie. Having vegetables is very healthy for your body’s digestive system because it will cleanse your body from unnecessary toxins and will bring you a sense of relief. Veggies flush away food debris in your system.

Source: thenaturopathicmama

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