5 Minute Extremely Powerful Exercises

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If you hate the thought of spending hours and hours at the gym, then this is the article for you! Everybody loves exercising, sure… But, nobody wants to spend too much time exercising. Not only do they don’t want to spend too much time on, people want immediate results. Of course, you can’t get a six pack by doing 5 pushups for a day or two. But, if you have a 5 minute extremely powerful exercises and do them as a daily routine, you will have that rocking body in no time.

Here are the greatest and most effective 5 minute extremely powerful exercises:

Push Ups

By doing push ups for 5 minutes can get your body to lose 45 calories. You can do as many as you can go in only 5 minutes. These exercises are more suitable for toning, but are also great for speeding the losing weight process.


Isn’t Zumba the best exercise? I mean, you can lose weight, listen and dance your heart off to your favorite tunes. Zumba can make you lose 45 calories in a 5 minute session. You won’t even know what you’re exercising by jamming.

Climbing up and down the stairs

A great and easy way to lose weight. Did you know that going up and down your stairs you lose 36 calories? Try this 5 minute extremely powerful exercises for 5-15 minutes a day at work, your house or your apartment building.


Running is a great way to lose weight. You can go running with your partner, pet or your friend. Try running every day for 5-7 minutes. Go without any rest. You know you can do it!

Walking lunges

One of the most effective 5 minute extremely powerful exercises! Do some walking lunges while walking in your room or the stairway. It is a little intense, but it’s the most the effective one.

Everybody has 5 minutes in a day for exercising. All of these exercises may seems a little bit overwhelming, but think of that body that will make everybody’s heads turn!

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