This are the only 4 things that actually prevent hair loss

Despite all the noise that everyone is trying to make about preventing hair loss, most of the product – big and small – can’t back up their claims.

According to representatives from Dr. Yates Hair Science, you have only four ways to realy prevent or slow down hair loss.
hair loss
Number one is the prescription pill Finasteride A, that can privent hair loss thru blocking the hormone for baldness.

Second is Minooxidil / Rogaine, which is applied in foam or liquid form, and helps thicken the hair and slow the shedding.

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP injections, takes sample of your blod that later is enriched with platelets, and than is reinjected into your scalp. This injections are stimulating hair growth and keep the follicle from shedding.

Laser treatment, the light from the laser stimulates the growing of hair follicle, keeping it healthy and reducing inflammation.

“If you turn on the TV or look in a magazine, there are a bazillion products out there that will supposedly grow your hair. But the fact remains those are probably the only four things that I know of that have some scientific basis,” Dr. Yates told Business Insider.

One more advice from Dr. Yates is – don’t trust that supplements like Biotin to help you solve you hair loss, mainly beacuse if you live in US, you probably dont have vitamin deficiency that causes hair loss.

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